Stack Overflow reveals UK’s top 10 best-paid developer roles

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Stack Overflow has unveiled the UK’s top 10 best-paid developer positions, shedding light on the lucrative avenues within the industry.

Leading the pack are developers in senior executive roles, enjoying an average salary of £128,200 ($155,173). Notably, these professionals experienced a significant 30 percent increase in their salaries between 2022 and 2023, reflecting the industry’s robust growth. 

Following closely are engineering managers, earning an average of around £97,500 ($117,900), showcasing the high demand for managerial expertise in the tech sector.

Cloud infrastructure engineers

The third position is secured by cloud infrastructure engineers, a role witnessing substantial growth in recent years. With an average salary of approximately £87,000 ($105,517), these professionals play a pivotal role in the industry’s future.

Interestingly, this figure represents a five percent increase from Stack Overflow’s 2022 Developer Survey. Globally, salaries for this role skyrocketed by an impressive 17 percent since 2022.

Mobile developers and DevOps specialists

Mobile developers claimed the fourth spot, with their salaries surging by 13 percent from £72,700 ($87,948) in 2022 to £82,000 ($99,311) in 2023. This increase echoes a global trend, with salaries for mobile developers soaring by 21 percent worldwide.

DevOps specialists followed closely, earning an average of around £77,000 ($93,104)—marking a three percent increase from the previous year.

Specialists in AI and machine learning

Amidst the AI and machine learning revolution, data scientists and ML specialists saw a six percent increase in their average salary—reaching approximately £71,800 ($86,897) per annum. Their crucial role in advancing technology and innovation continues to be highly rewarded in the job market.

Diverse roles, varied salaries

The list also includes back-end developers, game or graphics developers, and data engineers—each contributing significantly to the tech ecosystem. However, it’s noteworthy that data engineers witnessed a 20 percent decrease in salaries from the previous year, averaging around £66,700 ($80,690) per annum.

This comprehensive insight into the UK’s developer landscape comes from Stack Overflow’s 2023 Developer Survey, a monumental undertaking involving 89,184 software developers from 185 countries. The results not only offer a glimpse into the UK’s developer market but also provide a global perspective on the state of software development.

Interested readers can access the complete report on Stack Overflow here.

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