On-Demand Webinar – AI: The Good, The Bad, & the Hallucinatory – How AI can help and hurt secure development

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About the webinar:

As the pace of cybersecurity attacks and updates continues to increase, and the attack surface continues to sprawl, more and more organizations are turning to automation of security processes to keep up and reduce demand on overburdened developers, AppSec teams. More recently, artificial intelligence for software development has become widely available.

AI is already making code creation easier, but in the eyes of many this means security needs to be even more vigilant. This webinar will focus on how generative AI is revolutionizing information security and the opportunities and challenges it presents.

Plus, discover the impacts of automation and AI on supply chain security based on data from the 2023 State of Supply Chain Security report, launching soon. We’ll share how these shifts are impacting application security and software supply chain security and whether or not developers believe AI is improving their code security.

This webinar will include:

  • First-hand examples of challenges associated with generative AI
  • Discussion around the future of AI for developers and its implications
  • Best practices on using AI solutions in your organizations security strategy
  • Data from Snyk’s 2023 State of Supply Chain Security report surrounding the impacts of automation and AI
  • How to accurately use AI to improve security tools

Speakers include:

Snyk: Frank Fischer, Senior Product Marketing Manager

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