Niantic 8th Wall enhances WebAR with powerful GenAI modules

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Niantic 8th Wall is enhancing its WebAR platform with generative AI (GenAI) modules to revolutionise augmented reality experiences.

The fusion of technologies promises to offer developers, brands, and agencies more creative potential and improve users’ augmented reality experiences.

Over the past few months, 8th Wall developers have harnessed the power of GenAI, integrating various cutting-edge GenAI technologies into the WebAR platform.

Current integrations include DALL·E and Stable Diffusion for text-to-image input, Blockade Labs for 360-degree image incorporation, Inworld AI for lifelike interactive characters, Hugging Face and ControlNet to add depth to facial expressions, and and Wonder Dynamics for lifelike movement simulation.

To facilitate the adoption of GenAI modules for WebAR experiences, Niantic has introduced sample projects for Inworld and OpenAI.

The sample projects aim to demonstrate how GenAI modules streamline the incorporation of GenAI technology into WebAR projects, eliminating the complexities that often deter developers. With these modules, developers can effortlessly infuse their projects with the magic of GenAI.

This GenAI-WebAR synergy transcends the creation of static content, ushering in dynamic, interactive experiences that respond to user input. Users are no longer passive consumers but active participants, engaged in immersive encounters that evolve with their interactions.

Inworld AI: A leap towards lifelike interactions

Inworld AI introduces a revolutionary Character Engine, imbuing AI-driven characters with lifelike qualities. These characters possess learning capabilities, emotional intelligence, memory, and autonomy, making interactions genuinely engaging.

In collaboration with 8th Wall, Inworld AI has launched the Inworld AI Integration Module and the Rainbow Crunchies sample project. This module seamlessly blends Inworld’s lifelike characters with 8th Wall’s tools, enabling immersive experiences where characters come to life with natural conversations and lifelike expressions.

By simplifying server provisioning and authentication, the Inworld Integration Module empowers developers to integrate lifelike characters into their WebAR experiences without technical hurdles. The Rainbow Crunchies sample project illustrates how developers can create vibrant, interactive brand encounters with characters like Rainbow Ray.

OpenAI: Unleashing text and image generation

8th Wall is also introducing a new suite of developer tools that leverage the power of OpenAI’s DALL·E and ChatGPT for image generation and interactive text chat.

DALL·E generates intricate images based on text prompts, offering users creative control over their WebAR experiences. ChatGPT needs little introduction but enables personalised, real-time interactions within WebAR—allowing developers to create dynamic, user-driven content.

Like the Inworld Integration Module, the 8th Wall Integration Module for OpenAI simplifies server setup and token management, enabling developers to focus on building captivating WebAR experiences.

The GenAI Sample Project powered by OpenAI demonstrates the ease of integrating these technologies into WebAR, showcasing DALL·E’s ability to generate 3D textures in real-time and ChatGPT’s role in facilitating user interactions.

Ian Curtis, XR Developer at 8th Wall, said: “What excites me most about integrating generative AI into augmented reality is that it empowers every user to become an architect of their digital world.

“They’re no longer passively consuming content but actively creating it, shaping their experiences with the power of their imagination.”

Elevating WebAR experiences with GenAI modules

The potential of GenAI to revolutionise AR is undeniable. With these new developer tools, GenAI seamlessly merges with 8th Wall’s most impactful features, including Image Targets, Face Effects, World Effects, Sky Effects, Lightship VPS, and Shared AR tools.

To get started, explore the Inworld AI Rainbow Crunchies sample project and the GenAI sample project powered by OpenAI. Import the Inworld AI Integration Module or 8th Wall’s Integration Module for OpenAI into your project.

Developers new to 8th Wall can access a free 14-day trial, enabling you to harness the power of GenAI in your next AR experience.

(Image Credit: Niantic 8th Wall)

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