HackerRank developer skills report: Go remains most desired language, JavaScript best known

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A survey report released by HackerRank has found that developers find JavaScript the most-known language, Go most-wanted to learn, and full-stack development skills the most desired in the job market.

The 2020 HackerRank Developer Skills Report noted that JavaScript retained its status as the most widely-known programming language, alongside Java, C, and Python.

For its report, HackerRank conducted an online survey of 116,648 software developers from 162 countries. It found that Go is the programming language developers most wanted to learn for the third consecutive year – followed by Python and Kotlin. Angular was ranked the best-known framework, followed by React. Django went two spots above previous year taking the sixth position.

Looking at the other side of the research, 14% of hiring managers globally are language-agnostic when it comes to new hires, compared to 21% in the Americas region. What’s more, 39% of global developers believe they are not paid fairly, compared to the American developers who are paid the highest.

In January, the 2019 State of JavaScript study saw more than 21,000 respondents – albeit more than 91 per cent were male – with two thirds (64 per cent) having between two and 10 years’ experience with the language. When it came to the different technologies and how satisfied respondents were, the results were based on usage as well as happiness. User interface library React, Node.js framework Express and testing product Jest scored highly on both metrics – more than 60% usage and 90% satisfaction – with TypeScript outside.

The same month found data collected by Yell Business which highlighted the difference in salaries which developers are offered around the world (adjusted for the cost of living). For instance, developers in China are the biggest winners, benefiting from an adjusted salary of around £55,352. The unadjusted salary (£34,318) is lower than many countries but so is the cost of living in China.

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