Copilot X heralds a new era of AI-powered coding

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GitHub has unveiled Copilot X, an upgraded version of its AI-powered coding assistance tool.

Copilot X adopts OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 model and now features chat and voice interfaces, support for pull requests, command-line support, and can generate answer questions from documentation:

Unlike traditional coding assistance tools that rely on simple code templates or pre-defined snippets, Copilot X uses advanced machine learning algorithms to generate code snippets in real-time. This allows developers to quickly generate complex pieces of code without having to spend hours writing and debugging code.

GitHub claims that less Copilot is already writing 46 percent of code and is helping developers to code “up to 55 percent faster”.

Copilot’s ability to learn the coding style of an individual developer is particularly impressive. By analysing the code written by a developer over time, the tool can learn their coding patterns and suggest code snippets that match their style.

Many developers are excited about the potential of Copilot X to improve their productivity. 

“With AI available at every step, we can fundamentally redefine developer productivity. We are reducing boilerplate and manual tasks and making complex work easier across the developer lifecycle,” explains GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke.

“We’re enabling every developer to focus all their creativity on the big picture: building the innovation of tomorrow and accelerating human progress, today.”

However, many developers are concerned about the impact of AI-powered coding assistance on the job market. Questions have also been raised about Copilot’s potential to copy code verbatim and the potential copyright implications.

Copilot X supports all languages that appear in public repositories but works particularly well for Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, and Go.

Unfortunately, there’s a separate waitlist to join for each Copilot X feature:

(Image Credit: GitHub)

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