Ruby on Rails creator deplores ‘open-source hooliganism’

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Ruby on Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson has expressed his concerns about what he called “open-source hooliganism.”

Hansson recounted a recent incident involving the TypeScript community and their reaction to a decision made by the team behind Turbo.

Hansson began by acknowledging the passion that many developers have for their preferred programming languages and tools. He noted that the enthusiasm displayed by these individuals is a testament to their dedication to the craft of software development.

However, he cautioned that there is a fine line between being a passionate advocate and becoming a dogmatic crusader.

The specific incident that Hansson refers to revolves around the decision by the Turbo team to drop TypeScript from their project.

While some individuals with legitimate concerns and technical expertise raised objections, the majority of the debate was dominated by what Hansson referred to as “open-source hooligans.” These were people who had no direct stake in the Turbo project but fervently defended TypeScript and attacked those who disagreed with them.

Hansson detailed the absurdity of the situation, citing numerous pull requests demanding the reintegration of TypeScript into Turbo and even an issue calling for his removal from the project. He described the behaviour as “unhinged open-source hooliganism” and expressed his disappointment in how some members of the TypeScript community reacted.

While passionate debates about technology are not new, Hansson believes this particular incident crossed a line and didn’t represent constructive discourse.

Parallels were drawn from past debates in the tech community – such as the legendary Sony PlayStation vs Sega Saturn battles – but Hansson emphasised that defacing open-source repositories and engaging in slanderous behaviour is always unacceptable.

Hansson called on those who genuinely care about TypeScript to reflect on the incident and consider whether such behaviour is a suitable way to promote their preferred technology. He encouraged enthusiasts to find more constructive ways to express their enthusiasm without resorting to personal attacks or defacement of open-source projects.

Hansson’s comments serve as a reminder that while technology debates are inevitable, maintaining professionalism and respect for differing opinions is essential for a healthy open-source culture.

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