HUAWEI HMS Core empowers developers with innovative capabilities

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While some mobile app interactions might only last for a moment, the impact they can have is lasting. No matter what apps consumers are using, they want a premium experience across all areas − and developers need to deliver. 

To that end, HUAWEI HMS Core provides developers with innovative, efficient openness capabilities to help them build high-quality applications. Read on to find out how!

HMS Core provides multi-terminal cross-OS open capability across all scenarios

As one of the top 3 mobile ecosystems in the world with over 5.4 million registered developers and a growing user base of 580 million monthly active users, HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) is an ideal choice for developers and consumers.

HMS Core offers its partners a cross-platform ecosystem with cross-OS capabilities across all-scenarios. With the launch of HMS Core 6 in 2021, the platform now offers 69 kits and 21,738 APIs across 7 verticals to global developers, including 13 cross-OS capabilities. At MWC 2022, HMS Core showcased fresh upgrades to several of its Kits, including the 3D Modeling Kit, AR Engine, Video Editor Kit, and Audio Editor Kit.

Based on AI technologies, the 3D Modeling Kit offers real-time 3D object modelling, material generation, and motion capture capabilities to efficiently produce 3D digital content – without the need for specialised equipment. The Kit presents various possibilities: it can be used in e-commerce model making, teaching demonstrations, animation production, for making short videos, and possibly even for creating blueprints for 3D printing, which can be used in medicine and healthcare in the future. 

The AR Engine, a platform for building augmented reality (AR) apps, powers a brand new visually interactive user experience across multiple devices. Bridging the gap between the virtual and real worlds, it supports real-time advance tracking and detection capabilities to help developers achieve realistic, immersive scenes in their apps. Application scenarios for the AR Engine include, but are not limited to, AR games, AR display, AR education, AR measurement, AR navigation, and AR shopping.

The Video Editor Kit offers one-stop video processing capabilities to developers, such as video import, editing, special effect rendering, video export, and media resource management. With uses ranging from social entertainment to e-commerce offering displays, this versatile kit is able to meet numerous developer needs, and in multiple scenarios.

The Audio Editor Kit is a collection of audio processing capabilities provided by HMS Core for developers. Providing rich audio processing capabilities, such as audio editing, AI voice dubbing, audio source separation, spatial audio rendering, and noise reduction, it has a variety of uses across a range of apps. 

Additionally, HMS Core capabilities can easily be integrated with applications developed for different operating systems (OS), bringing consistency to user experiences. HMS Core also supports multiple devices, from mobile phones to tablets, smart screens and more, supporting cross-OS applications, native applications, HUAWEI Quick Apps, and web applications.

HMS Core is your partner for growth

HMS Core constantly upgrades its capabilities to support app developers in various industries, in turn helping them to innovate. Its open capabilities elevate the user experience in terms of user registration conversion, precise message push notifications, and in-app payment. In 2021, HMS Core enhanced the Account Kit, Push Kit, In-App Purchases, and Analytics Kit to facilitate operational growth.

The Account Kit enables developers to offer their users simple, secure, and quick sign-in and authorisation functions. With their HUAWEI IDs, users can now simply tap the Sign in with HUAWEI ID button to sign up with the platform effortlessly. This function also offers multi-device support, so that users can enjoy seamless access across multiple devices simultaneously.

Moreover, the Push Kit equips developers to implement responsive, reliable, and precise in-app push services. In-App Purchases lets app developers implement payment options for users to pay for single and subscription payments via their bank cards in 184 countries and regions. It also offers carrier billing for over 105 carriers. Furthermore, the Analytics Kit offers developers deeper insight into users, products, and content, through a rich array of pre-set analytics models.

Looking ahead to the future, Huawei will continue to support its developer partners through its services, innovations, and capabilities, taking developers to greater heights to help them succeed. When developers integrate the functionalities of HMS Core Kits into their apps, they’re able to give users the elevated experiences they desire − both developers and consumers win!

To find out more about the HMS Core Kits and how they can help you, please visit the website here.

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